The Italian language is said to be one of the most studied languages in the world.  The reasons for its popularity are varied, but among them are its tonal and romantic appeal as well as its importance to world literature and world history.    Approximately 250 million people in the world are said to speak Italian and are connected to culture with its study in the United States and abroad increasing each year.

There are many language schools in Italy catering to foreign students wishing to study the Italian language. These schools offer courses for every ability from the newest beginner to the accomplished speaker utilizing effective methods of instruction and provide a wonderful "total immersion" experience in Italian language as well as Italian Culture.

Particularly noteworthy in my experience is the Sant' Anna Institute - Sorrento Lingue located in the idyllic town of Sorrento in the Province of Naples and in close proximity to Positano and the famed Amalfi Coast, Isle of Capri, Isle of Ischia, Pompeii, Paestum, and many other wonders of the Sorrentine Pennisula and the region of Compania. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Cristiana Panicco who continues as its President and Director, the school is affiliated with universities and colleges in the United States for "Study Abroad" programs, Adult "50 +" programs,  and also serves as a certifying teaching authority for teachers of Italian as well as other languages.  

The School hosts students of every age from around the world and offers a magnificent experience in the learning of Italian and Italian culture.   I return periodically to continue my immersion in the Italian language and highly recommend it for a thorough and fulfilling experience.  For more information, go to and/or write to Olga Stinga, Director, at


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