Gelato is sometimes referred to as "Italian Ice Cream" but that description falls far short of this uniquely Italian gastronomical treasure! There are two types of Gelato:  Artigianale  and Industriale and both types have its devotees. 

Gelato Artigianale is seemingly the most preferred as it is made from fresh ingredients of milk, cream, and eggs as well as those associated with the rich plethora of natural flavors for near-immediate enjoyment by the consumer.  Gelato Industriale is more of a mass-produced creation of powdered milk, fruit juice concentrates,  and other additives for flavor, color, stability,  and aromatic qualities.  It is made and packaged much sooner than consumption.

For those of my readers who have traveled with me to Sorrento, a highlight of the visit is to the Gelateria Bougainvillea ( on the famed Corso Italia, the main street of Sorrento (between the Piazza Tasso and in the direction of the Hospital) where authentic Gelato Artigianale is made on the premises and can be enjoyed with two other uniquely Italian inventions:  the ice cream cone and the "Passeggiata"  or the evening stroll in or about the Piazza.  Don't miss this cultural and gastronomical experience while in Sorrento!